Our talents

A multidisciplinary expertise

  • Benjamin MICHELON

    Urban sociologist, PhD.

    Benjamin Michelon re-joined Groupe Huit in 2012 after having worked for the group between 2002 and 2004. He is involved at every stage of urban projects (identification and ex-ante appraisals, implementation, ex-post facto assessments), notably in projects concerning the restructuring of precarious settlements, climate change adaptation and public facilities (with a focus on commercial market facilities).


  • Chantal SEZIKEYE

    Office Manager

    Chantal Sezikeye joined Groupe Huit in 2016. After a long experience in the fine jewelry industry, she joined Groupe Huit in order to bring her contribution to a sector, which aims to improve living in southern countries. She is in charge of the administrative and financial monitoring of projects, supports the team in the missions planning and animates the internal and external communication.

  • Eduardo BRISSON

    Architect - Urban planner

    Eduardo Brisson joined Groupe Huit’s team in 2004 as a project leader and is responsible for the administrative follow-up of all projects conducted by the group. He currently holds the position of Project Director, and is involved in the following domains: studies and consulting services for urban planning and operational public facilities and their incorporation into the urban context; technical assessments; and the reconversion and optimisation of the built environment.


  • Florence VERDET

    Urban planner

    Florence Verdet is an urban planner who joined Groupe Huit in 2000. She takes part in town management and urban planning projects. She participated in, and led, several studies for the development of urban planning documents (Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Chad, Cameroon) and land-use planning (Ivory Coast), and supervised technical assistance for several addressing operations (Lomé, Niamey, Pointe-Noire, etc.).


  • Guillaume JOSSE

    Managing Director, Geographer - Urban planner

    He joined Groupe Huit in 1996 as a project officer. Guillaume then worked at the Conseil Général de l’Essone’s Planning Directorate, after which he held a position at the French Development Agency (AFD) as a project leader. At the AFD, he supervised a number of urban projects, and supported the French point person in the fields of urban development, municipal financing and urban rehabilitation. Guillaume Josse has been Groupe Huit’s Managing Director since 2012.


    Geographer - cartographer

    Pedro De Oliveira joined Groupe Huit in 2011. Since 2009, he has been involved in urban and land planning projects, especially in the diagnosis and planning phases. He also takes active part in street addressing, thematic cartography and technical training projects. 

  • Stéphane MILHAUD

    Urban development specialist

    Stéphane Milhaud has worked with Groupe Huit since 2008, and is specialized in urban and regional planning and urban infrastructures programming. He has a practical knowledge in the development of regional and urban studies and strategies, formulation and identification of development projects in urban and regional infrastructures and supervision of pre-feasibility studies and impact assessments, especially in Asia.

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