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Cities, regions and climate change

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Integrating climate change risk mitigation and prevention into planning

Over 50% of the world population lives in cities. At the same time, climate change has become an undeniable reality with increasing effects around the globe. The vulnerability of cities to climate change is a global issue that is sustained and exacerbated by exogenous and endogenous factors.

Faced with these challenges, urban planning is guiding and accompanying urban and environmental transformations. This demands new management practices as well as multi-scale measures and decisions. Regional resilience is a central governance issue at local and national levels.

We implement a cross-cutting approach including both general and sector-specific expertise (geography, urban planning, architecture, economics), based on constant consultation with local partners.



  • Projet_190630_HSDP Mongolie

    Technical Assistance for the Elaboration of the Human Settlements Development Program (HSDP)

    Groupe HuitNaomis

    Mongolia - Europe and Central Asia

  • Projet : 160373 Mongolie

    Ulaanbaatar green affordable housing and resilient urban renewal project

    Groupe Huit

    Ulaanbaatar - Europe and Central Asia

  • Projet_190154_SDAU Gabon

    Urban Master Plans of four cities in Gabon

    Groupe Huit

    Oyem, Makoku, Franceville and Koula-Moutou - Sub-Saharan Africa and Indian ocean

  • Projet_180851_plans locaux_Kisumu

    Local urban development plans in Kisumu

    Groupe HuitSce

    Kisumu - Sub-Saharan Africa and Indian ocean