Cultural heritage and tourism

Protecting and promote cultural heritage 

The economic value of cultural heritage is increasingly recognised, and it is often optimised through tourism. For this reason, monuments and the historic urban fabric represent major issues for growth. The development of cultural tourism should not occur at the expense of inhabitants or that of heritage conservation, but should rather contribute to improving their living conditions and the material as well as immaterial systems of property protection.

Groupe Huit intervenes in cultural heritage management and development projects related to:

> The conservation and protection of cultural heritage

> Compiling classification dossiers

> Planning public spaces

> The development of cultural tourism


Groupe Huit intervenes throughout all stages of these projects, including:

> Feasibility studies

> Preliminary studies

> Assistance to project owners

> Training

> Appraisal


Some references…

Bukhara and Samarkand Historic Cities Sustainable Development Strategy (Uzbekistan) – World Bank – (2013-2014)

Heritage Street Addressing in the Old Area of Siem Reap (Cambodia) – AIMF – (2012-2013)

Development of the Coastal Area of Lake Tanganyika (Burundi) – World Bank – 2014

Ex-ante Appraisal of the “Xochimilco, Milpa Alta, the Lakeside Heart of Mexico City” Project (Mexico) – FFEM – 2013

Management and Development of the Tunisian Cultural Heritage (Tunisia) – World Bank – 1998-2002

Feasibility Study Burkina Faso-Côte d’Ivoire Border Area Tourism Development (Burkina Faso) – AIMF – (2013)

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