Decentralisation and municipal development

Strengthening capacities for stakeholders in urban development

As a shared territory, the city is managed by a network of stakeholders, who ensure that it functions and manage the supply and access to services for its population. In Southern countries, territorial management is often undertaken with insufficient financial, human and technical resources. Accompanying development initiatives in closer proximity to the local context – essentially through the mobilisation of tailored approaches and tools –  can efficiently contribute to improving urban management and to sustainably strengthening the capacities of key local actors who are capable of making changes.

Groupe Huit supports cities in their municipal development projects regarding:

> Urban, organizational and financial audits

> Property management and urban management tools

> Project development

> Capacity Strengthening

> Training


Groupe Huit supports public authorities throughout every stage of a project:

> Feasibility studies

> Preliminary studies

> Assistance to project owners

> Technical assistance

> Appraisal

> Training


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