Development of coastal tourism (Benin)

Project: Development of toutistic products and destinations for the coastal tourism sector in Benin  

Realisation : 2015

Fund : World Bank

Client : Projet Compétitivité et Croissance Intégrée (PCCI) 


Tourism represents a key economic sector that government of Benin wish to develop by getting the benefit of the economic influence of the Nigerian market nearby. This study’s objectives are the development of touristic products and destinations for the tourism sector in Benin. It must lead to an important infrastructures investments on some key touristic destination – the historic city of Ouidah, the Fidjrossè beach and the Pendjari National Park- through the development of infrastructures, public services and basic services, site design and creation of linkages within the sector.

The carried out activities include:

  • A tourism sector diagnosis of Benin destination, in particular on the selected destinations and the urban and natural environments.
  • The selection and the details of priority financing projects in Ouidah,
  • The selection of an iconic zone and the development works might need to be done in Fidjrossè beach,
  • Recommendations for the improvement of the Pendjari National Park sustainable Management. 


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