Groupe Huit

Unique multidisciplinary expertise for addressing the challenges of urbanisation in developing countries. 

Groupe Huit are French multidisciplinary consultants specialising in municipal and urban development in developing countries.

With experience in 60 countries, we have worked since 1967 with public authorities, international institutions and private partners in the conception and implementation of our projects. These include:

  • Consulting services and studies (project identification, feasibility, appraisal...)
  • Providing Technical Assistance to project owners
  • Social and institutional project management
  • Transferring skills and training
  • R&D

Our approach

We take a dual approach to our projects, one that is both comprehensive and sector-specific (dealing with urban and regional planning, decentralisation and municipal development, socio-economic development, merchant facilities, cultural heritage, etc.), while relying on a methodological framework based on continuous consultation with local partners.

Our operations are carried out within the context of broad changes to urban systems worldwide; therefore, we constantly renew our approaches to development and urban projects in order to provide the most relevant answers to territories. We are increasingly committed to promoting the transfer of skills and experience, and to developing innovative digital tools.

Our competences

Groupe Huit have been pioneers for over 45 years. We began working in Tunisia, and took part in the first urban projects conducted in Africa by the World Bank. Groupe Huit has since experienced continuous development. Our in-depth knowledge of both stakeholders and countries has allowed us to master project management in complex contexts.

Our field of action now extends to the whole of the African continent, to states located on the Eastern and Southern coasts of the Mediterranean, and to Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America.

The power of a group

Group is part of the independant Keran group, along with 3 other member societies, accounting for 42M euros of turnover. Strong synergies exist between the skills of Groupe Huit, SCECréocéan and Naomis, enabling to build on a true global approach for projects that are both diverse and complex.


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