Our skills and experience

Groupe Huit’s expertise is broad, covering all the key areas of activity in the domain of urban development, and specifically adapted to issues faced by cities in the developing world.

More specifically, we offer expert services in the following domains:

  • Planning urban development to improve quality of life and promote economic development.

     • Planning urbanisation for within a given timeframe
     • Rearranging the spatial layout of a district or of specific zones
     • Programming investments in infrastructure and facilities
     • Regulating land use and works

  • Improving living conditions for inhabitants and enabling urban renewal

     • Urban upgrading
     • Restructuring precarious settlements
     • Rehabilitating deteriorated historic neighbourhoods
     • Urban planning

  • Supporting urban project owners for better territorial management

     • Urban, organisational and financial audits
     • Property management and urban management tools
     • Project structuring
     • Strengthening capacities
     • Training

  • Promoting cities’ economic potential for their sustainable social development

     • Urban and regional planning
     • Feasibility studies
     • Neighbourhood rehabilitation and facility/infrastructure planning
     • Specific studies

  • Mitigating pressures and developing new economic resources

     • Conserving and protecting cultural heritage (ranking, management plans.)
     • Rearranging public spaces
     • Developing tourism

  • Innovating to develop new, useful tools that match the needs of cities of the Global South

     • Territorial diagnosis, risk analysis and investment programming (HOME-DATA)
     • Property management, digital addressing (Urbadresse)
     • Strategic urban planning
     • Training


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