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A multidisciplinary expertise

  • Benjamin MICHELON

    Project manager | Urban sociologist

    With 20 years of experience, Benjamin Michelon has been involved in Groupe Huit’s projects since 2012. His career path combines both the professional and research spheres. His reflection on the eco- systemic approach to cities has led him to develop two types of know-how. On the one hand, he is responsible for the entire supervisionhas supervised the implementation  of the implementation of complex projects, particularly. In particular, in the field of strategic and operational development of sustainable cities, within ain an framework of adaptation to climate change context. On the other hand, he is committed to processes that aim at to the integration of integrating aa social approach into urban projects.



  • Chantal SEZIKEYE

    Officer | Administrative and financial

    With more than 20 years of experience in administrative and commercial management, Chantal Sezikeye joined Group Huit in 2016, after studying economics and an extensive experience in the fine jewelry industry. She is in charge of monitoring the administrative and financial operations of the projects and participates in the tender procedure. She provides valuable logistic and organizational support to the team. She is Groupe Huit’s interface with the Keran Group for HR, accounting and management control.


  • Charles CIEZZA

    Project manager | Architect-urban planner

    Charles Ciezza is an architect and urban planner with international experience in Latin America, Europe, West Africa and South Asia, mainly on projects funded by multilateral and bilateral organisations. He joined Groupe Huit in 2018 and has about 15 years of experience in dealing with regional and urban development projects, sustainable development of infrastructure and multidisciplinary and international teams/project management. His areas of expertise include practical knowledge in the development of regional and urban studies, formulation and identification of development projects in urban and regional infrastructures, pre-feasibility studies, and a strong knowledge of the urban planning system in several countries.


  • Danielle DEVOGLIO

    Junior consultant | Architect-urban planner

    Danielle Devoglio joined Groupe Huit in 2020, after an experience in a consulting and engineering company, working on urban studies in the Paris region, assisting public authorities and local stakeholders. Graduated with a BA(Hons) in architecture and a master’s degree in urban planning and international expertise, she has lived and worked in Brazil, England, Italy, Sri Lanka and the Czech Republic before settling in France. Danielle works on urban studies (programming, diagnostic, strategy,...) and  on training and capacity building programmes.  She has a good knowledge of European and Brazilian cities.

  • Eduardo BRISSON

    Project Director | Architect -urban planner

    A chartered architect, Eduardo Brisson has been trained both in Colombia and Paris. He holds over 30 years of experience in urban development projects, in technical assistance and capacity building for local authorities in developing countries (Latin America, Africa). He joined Groupe Huit in 2004 and is specialised in the following fields: urban programming, technical and operational programming of public facilities and their integration in the urban context, technical assessment, reconversion and optimization of buildings.

  • Florence VERDET

    Project manager | Geographer-Urban planner

    Florence VERDET has been working at Groupe Huit for the past 20 years on urban planning, urban development and urban management. She has led or contributed to several studies on urban policy and planning and associated identification of Priority Investment Programmes, definition of institutional and financial packages, as well as capacity building programmes. She has also conducted several feasibility studies for multi-component urban projects.


  • Guillaume JOSSE

    Project director | Geographer-Urban planner

    Guillaume JOSSE is an urban planner and specialist in cities of developing countries citiesHis 25 years of professional activity have led him to work in more than 35 countries. Having worked in more than 35 countries in his 25 years of activity, he has an extensive experience on inthe setting up of large-scale projects and he is currently specialistes  in institutional issues and technical assistancein the support for project owners. He provides support to donors works in the assistance to donors in terms offor the preparation of urban projects from the perspectivein terms  of the institutional set-up, . Ranging from public policy strategies to the development of operational procedures. Guillaume has also designed several tools to facilitatefor the benefit  the interaction of donors, particularly in the areas of project ownershipcontracting authorities analysis, institutional mapping, project risk assessment and impact analysis. He has a strong knowledge of metropolitan issues, having previously successfully workedworking on both on territories of the Paris Region territory and as well as cities of developing and emerging countries. In particular on the the developdevelopment of ment of national and regional spatial planning policies and in the supporting for the  for decentralisation of processes.cities in developing countries.

  • Lou D'ANGELO

    Junior consultant | Urban planner

    Lou D’Angelo joined Groupe Huit in 2017 after completing a master’s degree in Urban Policies at Sciences Po Paris. She participates in urban planning studies and works on governance issues. She has notably worked on urban and regional development programmes (Jordan, Mongolia) and on evaluation studies (Africa and Asia). She has also previously worked on urban projects in Colombia and has a good understanding of Latin American cities.


  • Simona LOGRECO

    Junior consultant | Urban planner

    Simona Logreco joined Groupe Huit in 2019 after completing her studies in urban governance and European-African studies at Sciences Po Paris. She currently works on urban planning projects (Kisumu) and on diagnostic and institutional part of urban studies (Niger, Burkina Faso). She has a specific knowledge of market facilities projects and urban food systems.




  • Stéphane MILHAUD

    Manager | Urban planner

    Stéphane Milhaud is an urban and regional planner with about 10 years-experience in development planning and infrastructure programming in developing countries mainly on international projects funded by multilateral and bilateral organisations. He holds a PhD in Chinese urban and regional geography from the University Paris Pantheon-Sorbonne. Stéphane has a strong experience in (i) urban development : diagnostic studies and planning ( (ii) formulation and identification of investment programmes (climate action, green development), (iii) pre-feasibility studies and technical documents. Furthermore Stéphane has been in charge of the operational management of Groupe Huit since the beginning of 2020.


  • Vincent OLANGUA


    Qualified engineer, Vincent Olangua is specialised in urban infrastructure, in particular in water supply and sanitation systems. He currently works on planning urban infrastructure in Africa, Asia and South America. His main focus is to ensure the development of Groupe Huit throughout the different territories. Vincent Olangua took over the management of Groupe Huit at the beginning of 2019.

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