Our values


Our approach is participatory and necessarily involves continuous consultation with all project stakeholders. Our interventions require constant dialogue so as to provide relevant and well-adapted answers


Groupe Huit’s approach is based on continuous improvement, research, action and innovation, which allow us to manage projects with flexibility while at the same time mobilising new methods and tools. We regularly explore new territories, and we dare to launch initiatives in complex environments in order to take on real human and technical challenges. 


Our reputation depends upon our in-depth knowledge of developing countries, our long-standing experience, our ability to capitalise on our know-how, and on the quality of the services we provide. Our advice and recommendations always reflect our independence and integrity.


Our strength lies in our capacity to adapt and to produce tools that are suited to our clients’ needs, whether in diagnosis, management, planning, programming or support for decision-making. A strong network of independent consultants and local partners complements our multidisciplinary team. 


We are committed to providing independent and high-quality scientific and technical expertise and well-adapted, tailor-made responses that situate projects in their contextual environments. 


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