Rehabilitation of Bobo-Dioulasso central market (Burkina Faso)

Projet: Technical Assistance for the rehabilitation of Bobo-Dioulasso central market (Burkina Faso) 

Realisation : 1998-2001

Financed by : Developpement French Agency(AFD)

Client : Municipality of Bobo-Dioulasso


Bobo-Dioulasso’s central market is one of the biggest markets of the sub-region, covering 6 hectares and serving 7000 merchants. Rehabilitating the facilities had become urgent for sanitary and security reasons.

The Technical Assistance project lasted for 3 years, until merchants were re-established in May 2001.

It consisted of:

- Merchant census and organisation of the temporary eviction before the start of operations;

- Set up of a complementary financing system and management of a specific account to collect the merchants’ pay;

- Managing the designation of 5000 merchant facilities;

- Development of terms of reference and launch of consultations about the sustainable management of the market;

- Follow-up on the project works;

- Organisation of the merchants’ reinstallation after delivery of the newly rehabilitated market;

- Creation and set-up a management structure for the central market (SGM). 

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