Research and urban innovation

Inventing new tools for the city of the future 

Innovation is at heart of our approach and methods. Cities need innovation to manage themselves better and to address the daily challenges of their growth. New tools based on existing technologies, ones that are perfectly adapted to needs of Southern cities need to be invented. ICT, big data, collaborative approaches, social networks, mobile phones… These data and tools are bringing about important transformations within our societies, notably in the South.

Groupe Huit supports cities in developing innovative operational solutions for:

> Territorial diagnosis, risk analysis and investment programming

> Property management, digital addressing (Urbadresse)

> Cartography and territorial analysis based on “big data”

> Strategic urban planning

> Training


Groupe Huit is involved throughout the various stages of projects:

> Research and development

> Adaptation and test

> Implementation, establishment

> Technical assistance

> Appraisal

> Training


Some references…

Challenge Data4Development (D4D), territorial analysis – (Senegal) -  (2014)

Mobile Phone Data Processing (urban framework, economic polarization, urban mobility) (Ivory Coast) – Orange – (2012)

HOME-DATA, Numerical Platform for Territorial Development and Testing (2014)

Street addressing in Vientiane (Vietnam) – (2014), Yaoundé and Douala (Cameroon) – (2014), Libreville (Gabon) – (2014), N’Djaména (Chad) – (2014), Siem-Reap and Angkor (Cambodia) – (2013)

Feasibility Studies for FEFEM Projects in Porto Novo (Benin) – AFD/FFEM – (2014)

Role of Secondary Cities in Chinese Urban System: the case of Zheijang Province (China) – Doctoral Thesis CIFRE – (2013) 

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