Socio-economic development

Promoting inclusive economic development

As a space well suited to the expansion of economic activity, the city is a key driver of development. Its major challenge is to be economically competitive.

However, urban management can no longer be limited to programming a city solely as a centre of economic attractiveness. To be efficient, the city’s development also has to be inclusive and sustainable, enabling access to services and enhancing quality of life for the greatest number, preserving its territorial identities and its inhabitants, and protecting its environment.

Groupe Huit therefore uses an analytical matrix that accounts for these many aspects of both local economies and societies. The group intervenes in this domain through:

> Territorial and urban planning

> Feasibility studies

> Neighbourhood rehabilitation and facilities programming

> Specific studies


Groupe Huit supports local public authorities at every stage of their projects, including:

> Feasibility studies

> Preliminary studies

> Assistance to project owners

> Specific studies

> Appraisal/assessment


Some references…

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