Socio-economic reconstruction (Central African Republic)

Project: Socio-economic reconstruction in the urban environment of Bangui (Central African Republic) 

Realisation : 2015

Financed by : Agence Française de Développement (AFD)


The two main objectives of the project are to improve social cohesion and the urban environment in disadvantaged neighborhoods, and to promote households’ economic reconstruction according to the THIMO approach.

The action is declined in two phases: Short-term emergency actions aiming at implementing small activities that are easy to start, rapid to carry out, and possess a strong added-value for the well-being of these neighborhoods’ populations. Structuring development actions (networks, roads, public facilities rehabilitation, public space planning, new constructions)

The mission includes:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the targeted neighborhoods
  • A review of risks linked to the project’s implementation
  • An institutional diagnosis and inventory of involved actors
  • Proposals regarding the extension of actions to other neighborhoods in Bangui or outside Bangui
  • A preparation of the project’s second phase
  • An identification of capacity building and reinforcement actions needed in Bangui

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