Ulaanbaatar - Mongolia: Affordable Housing And Urban Renewal Project


The project aims to integrate and upgrade the ger areas and transform Ulaanbaatar into a more inclusive city. It is expected to have four outputs: (i) mixed-use, mixed-income, and resource efficient ecodistricts built in ger areas; (ii) mechanisms for delivery of affordable housing units stock established; (iii) urban redevelopment process and standards improved; and (iv) project management and institutions for urban redevelopment and affordable housing strengthened. The goal is to increase the standard of living in ger areas through the introduction and densification of modern, utility-serviced housing units as well as socioeconomic facilities and enjoyable public spaces that will replace existing un-serviced 500m2 Khashaa homesteads. The project will design and construct densified multi-dwelling townhouse and low-rise apartments which are defined in Urban Renewal Units (URU). The density of households and dwellings will increase approximately 3.6X from the current khashaa density. The URUs will be first implemented in the ger district subcentres of Selbe and Bayankhoshuu which are located north and northwest of Ulaanbaatar centre, and will be developed to connect to the utility trunks lines that will be installed under another ADB funded project. The objective of the project is to redevelop approximately 100 ha of ger areas and build 10,000 housing units

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