Urban Development Project of Morne Blanc – Gonaïves (Haïti)

Urban Development Project of Morne Blanc – Gonaïves (Haïti)

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Client : Municipality of Gonaïves
Realisation : 2011-2012
Financed by : Development French Agency 


The urban planning project of Morne Blanc site, located at Gonaïves, was anchored by a program for directing the city’s urban growth towards areas not at risk for flooding. The project was supported by the AFD and the Region Ile-de-France, and was accompanied by a capacity building project dedicated to municipal administration.

The site corresponded to a 750 hectare plain located 5 km from the city centre. The land use plan responded to the following critera:

  • To promote a reference tool for the controlled urbanisation of the city
  • To sustainably enhance living conditions


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