Urban planning

Planning cities of the South

As important drivers of growth and development, urban processes are also accompanied by major risks when urbanisation is not guided and organised by public intervention. Uncontrolled urbanisation comes at high costs for municipalities, and risks worsening inequalities and deteriorating the living conditions of urban dwellers. 

Drawing on our experience in over 40 countries, and enriched by constant assessment of the urban domain, Groupe Huit has developed a solid body of expertise. We provide consulting services for you to implement new organisational models; we also develop management and urban development strategies, including:

> Planning urbanisation for a given timeframe

> Rearranging the spatial layout of a district or of specific zones

> Programming investments in infrastructure and facilities

> Regulating land use and works


Groupe Huit supports public authorities at all stages of their projects:

> Diagnosis

> Definition of challenges and of strategic project orientation

> Development of participatory planning

> Design of graphic documents

> Producing implementation guides and institutional and regulatory measures

> Capacity strengthening, mobilisation of financing, training


Some references…

Kinshasa Strategic Master Plan (Democratic Republic of Congo) – AFD – (2014)

Bujumbara 2025 Master Plan (Burundi) – World Bank – (2014)

Douala 2025 Master Plan and Land-Use Plan (Cameroon) – AFD/C2D – (2012)

Urban Development Project for Morne Blanc Gonaïves (Haïti) – AFD – (2012)

Southwest-Integrated Development Pole in Tenke and Fungurume (Democratic Republic of Congo) – TFM SARL – (2013)



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