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Our Approach

Approche Globale_couv V3

Our Approach


Managing project complexity better

# Gathering the right expertise at the right time 
Groupe Huit brings its cross-cutting expertise to a broad array of projects, either in the identification, implementation or evaluation phase.

# Participative collaboration with stakeholders
We employ a two-pronged approach including both general and sector-specific expertise (cities and regional development, decentralisation and municipal development, tourism and heritage, socio-economic development, market facilities, etc.), using methods based on constant consultation with local partners.

# Meeting clients’ and users’ needs as closely as possible
Our stakeholder and country knowledge enables us to manage projects effectively in complex environments. One of Groupe Huit’s strengths lies in its ability to mobilise and then coordinate multi-skilled teams, thus guaranteeing efficiently executed projects that meet the requirements of local deciders such as international donors.


Continuous improvement process

Cities in developing countries are experiencing rapid, massive and uncontrolled urbanisation as a logical result of population growth, which is not set to slow in the near future. New needs arise in addition to ongoing problems (lack of infrastructure and networks, environmental dysfunctions, insalubrious housing, etc.), and there are many governance issues to be solved.

By opting for an overall urban vision – incorporating political, social, economic and environmental issues as well as urban planning, technical and architectural aspects – we are constantly updating our methods to deliver the most relevant solutions to cities and regions.