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Identifying the needs of cities and regions in developing and emerging countries.

We work closely with public and private bodies to advise them on implementing new strategies for the organisation, management and development of their cities and regions.
The cross-cutting and complementarity expertise of our team coupled with a responsible approach have always been our driving force since our first urban projects for the World Bank in Africa, over fifty years ago.
Today Groupe Huit is a recognised and leading player in the urban development field.

Groupe Huit is part of the independent Keran Group (550 staff, € 55 million in annual revenue).


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Groupe Huit is an agile, innovative and responsible firm, led by Managing Director Vincent Olangua. Members of management are also involved in the Keran group’s governance to foster cross-company initiatives.

A broad panel of highly qualified expertise
Groupe Huit builds its expertise on cross-cutting and complementary skill profiles in urban planning, geography, architecture, institutional issues and development finance.

Responsibility, empowerment and trust ensure the creativity, responsiveness and adaptability of our team in all situations.
The sharing of experience and expertise is encouraged by working in tandem as well as through brainstorming and feedback sessions.

Local presence for closeness to our clients
On all its projects, Groupe Huit works with local partners thanks to its long-standing and constantly developing network of cooperation partners. This network is based on a shared vision of sustainable urban development tailored to the specific local needs.



Groupe Huit is committed to the common good of cities and regions and works with local authorities to succeed their urban and environmental transformations. Our commitment focuses on operationalising sustainable development goals by promoting:

# Inclusiveness
# Competitiveness
# Urban resilience

This means designing sustainable urban policies that are tailored to specific local needs and sustainable and integrated economic models.



The Group’s values are the bedrock of our business culture and strategy, and give meaning to the everyday actions of our staff.
    Groupe Huit works as closely as possible in the field with those responsible for building cities and urban areas, at international, national and local levels, facilitating participative collaboration to co-build projects with local stakeholders. As real coordinators, Groupe Huit teams play a pivotal role and are specialists in mobilising exactly the right expertise at just the right time.
    In response to the difficulties that can be encountered in the field and the complexity of the territorial and urban challenges of developing countries, Groupe Huit innovates to deliver the best-fitting solutions for the project and client’s needs.
    Over the last fifty years,Groupe Huit has built trusting relationships with its clients and partners, thanks to the objectivity and professionalism of its work.
    The Global Approach brings different expertise together and enhances our employees’ skills. Day-to-day, we help grow talent within a stimulating environment and on a broad array of projects.
    Groupe Huit is committed to working with local authorities, urban development stakeholders and local people, to ensure inclusive and sustainable urban development.



Our innovation process focuses on finding creative solutions to the urban and regional challenges of developing countries. These challenges require appropriate and adaptable answers. Our innovative solutions are thus built through constant cooperation with stakeholders to guarantee that they meet the needs and expectations of clients and beneficiaries.


Quality and Safety

Our commitment to Quality

The company's strategy, focused on customer satisfaction, economic objectives, health and safety in the workplace, and the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach, engages every employee and it shapes the organisation and management of Groupe Huit. The quality of the services and solutions we deliver to our customers and the safety of each employee are our daily concerns.

Groupe Huit is currently implementing a pragmatic and efficient quality management system (QMS), guarantee for our clients of quality services, timely delivery and cost control. Our QMS will undergo ISO 9001:2015 certification later on this year.

Procedures designed so that the organization reaches the aforementioned objectives. We pay special attention to implementing safety measures and procedures when working in the field and to ensuring the quality of public involvement processes and workshops involving a large number of participants. Furthermore, we provide a prevention protocol on our projects, as well as virtual meeting options in the event of health risks.