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A great range of different people ! 

The complementary skills of our people give us a cross-cutting vision, enabling us to meet the challenges of urban, regional and municipal development projects.

This complementarity is a source of both innovative solutions and new opportunities. The expertise of each of our staff and their ability to invent, design, develop and be forward-looking are what give Groupe Huit its richness and strength.





Project manager | Risk and Climate Change Expert

“Globetrotter for over 20 years, I have explored the Balkans searching for the best Rajika, travelled in Algeria to find the best couscous, before heading to West Africa where I relentlessly tracked down the best Thié Bou Diène…. During these peregrinations, I never stopped working on water-related matters."

Camille ANEX

Camille ANEX

Project director | Environmental engineer

"When I say I do environmental and social work, everyone thinks it's good, but no one really knows what it means. What I do is to challenge and to encourage people to seek the best solution. My everyday work is to work with clients to limit the negative impacts of projects on the water we drink, the air we breathe, to protect animals and flora in the project area. Above all, my objective is to ensure that populations really benefit from the project, that they are actively involved in identifying mitigation and accompanying measure to be implemented, so that their income and livelihoods are preserved”



Junior consultant / Architect - Urban planner

“In my job, I am not one but many. I can easily adapt to changing situation, contributing to the formulation of a project in response to specific needs and ambitions. I master the art of juggling, I throw, I catch and I throw again until all different stakeholders expectations are met. I am also an inventor of worlds! I am the form that follows the function that follows the beauty... "

Guillaume JOSSE

Guillaume JOSSE

Project director / Geographer Urban planner

“Happy he who like Ulysses journeyed far and wide
Happy he who like Ulysses has seen 100 landscapes
And still hopes to find
The land of green years
Sheltered from the sun but in the wind
Delighted in the midst of people
I live quite happy
My laptop, my projects and me”



El equipo de Groupe Huit le presenta sus mejores deseos 2021. https://t.co/uVsv911x57

Groupe Huit team wishes you the very best for 2021. https://t.co/kfpDGkMLm4

L'équipe de Groupe Huit vous vous souhaite une belle années 2021. https://t.co/wbT6OdDwn1