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Gouvernance and participation

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Fostering local and inclusive development

The acknowledgement of multiple interests is a fundamental requirement for the effective and sustainable management of urban areas. It means providing access to essential services and quality of living, preserving the identity of places and inhabitants, and protecting the environment.

By taking account of multiple opinions and interests, including the public interest, we can work towards an inclusive approach of collective action and propose solutions to remedy negative impacts which could affect vulnerable or marginalised people.

The urban analysis grid employed by Groupe Huit is thus based on a participative approach, involving systematic consultation with project owners and local people.



  • Projet 170629 Madagascar

    Setting up a training course for Malagasy local authorities

    Groupe Huit

    Antananarivo - Sub-Saharan Africa and Indian ocean

  • Projet : 160025 Guatemala

    Feasibility study of the project "Governance, local participation and territorial planning in the Metropolitan Region of Guatemala"

    Groupe Huit

    Guatemala - Latin America and Caribbean