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Reorganising informal settlements

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Helping to make informal settlements sustainable

Nearly one third of the world's urban population, that is almost one billion people, live in spontaneous, under-serviced, densely populated and poorly connected areas of the city. The high presence of informal settlements is particularly problematic in developing countries, where economic factors, unbalanced urban growth and shortage of affordable housing do not make the integration of the most vulnerable population in decent housing conditions an easy task.

The extent of the phenomenon and the spread of urban poverty concentrated in slums challenge the capacity of public institutions to plan and regulate their development. It is more urgent than ever to find the right mechanisms to integrate these precarious neighbourhoods into the city: improvement of basic services and infrastructure, land security, ensuring people safety etc.

With over 50 years of experience, Groupe Huit uses a pragmatic, hands-on approach to proposing effective strategies in the short, medium and long term. The proposed solutions must be accepted by all stakeholders. This is why dialogue with all stakeholders is at the forefront of Groupe Huit's approach. This participative collaboration is carried out first and foremost with the populations concerned, but also with neighbourhood associations, local elected representatives, etc. Thanks to this approach, the proposed solutions are based on a consensus that is necessary for the acceptance of the projects.

Different types of urban infrastructure can be proposed, some very short-term or "quick-win" to produce a rapid improvement of services in these areas, and some medium and long-term bringing a strong structure to the district thus permitting to move from precarious to formal status. Sustainable proposals do not merely take into account investment but also the full life cycle so as to ensuring their sustainability over time.

This kind of project is not limited to infrastructure but integrates all the components of the project such as institutional, environmental, social, climate change, gender, land, etc .. It is this holistic approach that ensure the success of a project for Groupe Huit's clients.

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