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Water and sanitation

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Adapt water and sanitation infrastructure to the population needs and growth

Managing water sustainably is vital for communities and a crucial aspect of planning and development. This everyday challenge requires effective, cost-efficient and reliable drinking water and sanitation infrastructure.

Groupe Huit expertise covers the entire water cycle (from drinking water to wastewater treatment) and provides services in:
  • Infrastructure diagnostic assessment
  • Master plan
  • Detailed design and works supervision
  • Technical assistance and capacity strengthening
  • Water savings and water reuse
A strong attention is paid to Nature-Based Solutions in order to reduce the impact of the proposed infrastructure and to ensure sustainable management by the limitation of associated costs.
Our studies integrate both investment and operating costs for a comprehensive understanding of the infrastructure.

Groupe Huit's approach is very pragmatic, as to promote access to these basic services while ensuring a long-term vision for the management of the facilities.

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  • Projets-180411 SUNWIP Laos

    Scaling-UP WASH Infrastructure Project (SUNWIP)

    Groupe Huit

    Lao - Asia and Pacific

  • Projet-12080-SD AEP-EU_Bulgarie

    Preparation of 24 regional water and wastewater master plans

    Groupe Huit

    Bulgaria - Europe and Central Asia

  • Projets-190819 PIEC Sri Lanka

    Sanitation and Hygiene for Towns (SHIFT) - Policy and Institutional Enhancement Consultancy (PIEC)

    Groupe Huit

    Sri Lanka - Asia and Pacific

  • Projets-180141-Drainage-Vietnam

    Ho Chi Minh City Climate resilient urban services

    Groupe Huit

    Vietnam - Asia and Pacific