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Environment, social and gender

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Manage project impacts and implement environmental and social standards of international donors

Groupe Huit works with every project stakeholder to implement environmental and social safeguards: international donors, local or national authorities, national or international agencies and institutions, and also industries.

Environmental and social risks and impacts are factored at each project stage, from planning, feasibility, design, or tendering process. Groupe Huit mobilises environmental, social and participative collaboration expertise, to carry out:
  • impact studies
  • environmental and social assessment
  • due diligence assignments
  • environmental and social monitoring projects
Whatever the project type and its advancement, Groupe Huit sets about understanding the mechanisms of local society and its complex relationship with the environment, through an analysis of:
  • stakeholders
  • regulatory context
  • project environment
Thus we can identify issues and sensitivities, anticipate the impacts and assess the potential consequences, in order to propose projects that minimise the negative impacts and maximise the positive effects of projects.

Based on well-proven methodologies, Groupe Huit applies "tailor-made" approaches by adapting good practices to local conditions and by integrating populations in order to improve living conditions and reduce disparities and inequalities. The human being must remain at the centre of the projects.

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  • Projet 170309 Zenata, Maroc

    Technical assistance for the implementation of Zenata Eco-city

    Groupe HuitSce

    Morocco - North Africa and Middle East

  • Projet : 160657 Bénin

    Feasibility study of the programme for adaptation of cities to climate change (PAVICC)

    Groupe HuitSce

    Benin - Sub-Saharan Africa and Indian ocean

  • Projet : 150706 Madagascar

    Feasibility study for the PADEVE development project in Madagascar

    Groupe HuitSce

    Madagascar - Sub-Saharan Africa and Indian ocean

  • Projet : 180669, Mongolie

    Aimag and Soum centres regional investment programme (ASDIP)

    Groupe Huit

    Mongolia - Europe and Central Asia