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Environment and society

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Operationalising environmental and social requirements

In any development project, it is essential to understand the behaviour of local society and its complex interactions with the environment. By building on the unique strengths and benefits of each area, it is possible to minimise the negative impacts of projects and maximise the positive ones.

Taking account of socio-economic circumstances and social relations can improve living conditions and reduce disparity and inequality. Projects must be people-focused.

Groupe-Huit employs a tailored approach, adapting best practices to local circumstances, and reinventing recommended solutions and strategies.



  • Projet 160944 Jordanie

    Development of the procedure’s manual for the solid waste project

    Groupe Huit

    Jordan - North Africa and Middle East

  • Projet : 160794 jeunesse à Diffa, Niger

    Support for the institutional set-up of the "Youth in Diffa" project

    Groupe Huit

    Niamey - North Africa and Middle East

  • Projet 150615, Sénégal

    Development of a national strategy for integrated urban planning and management in Senegal

    Groupe HuitSce

    Senegal - Sub-Saharan Africa and Indian ocean

  • Projet : 150706 Madagascar

    Feasibility study for the PADEVE development project in Madagascar

    Groupe HuitSce

    Fianarantsoa, Antsiranana et Toliara - Sub-Saharan Africa and Indian ocean