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Our services


Regional planning and development

Every city – depending on its history and level of decentralisation – varies in terms of urban development, management and institutional and regulatory frameworks. The approaches, methods and recommendations delivered by Groupe Huit thus always integrate specific local factors.

Planning guides and supports support long-term urban and regional transformation. It answers the different needs established by political powers and local stakeholders.

Groupe Huit advises these bodies on new strategies for urban organisation, management and development and provides support at all project stages, with realistic, local solutions that are acceptable for those concerned.


Project preparation and set-up

The development and set-up of urban and regional projects is a process requiring both diagnostic assessment of the local situation and issues, and the identification of needs from a socio-economic, environmental and urban management perspective as well as the associated risks.

Groupe Huit brings its knowledge and 50 years of experience in emerging and developing countries to the preparation and set-up of regional and urban projects, and all throughout the project life cycle. We work with public and private players to identify levers for inclusive and sustainable development and for improving quality of living for as many people as possible.


Capacity building

Cities are run by a network of operators who manage and regulate people’s access to services. In developing countries, city management is often hindered by a lack of financial, human and technical means and resources.

By providing support designed exactly for the local circumstances and through the use of appropriate tools and approaches, we can improve urban management and strengthen the institutions responsible for building city fabric, in a lasting way. Groupe Huit delivers capacity building assistance on local development projects, to foster long-term solutions with impacts lasting beyond the project implementation phase.